Users and Account Details

The Users and My Account pages enable platform users to configure and manage their account.


Administrator users are able to access the list of all users in their account by selecting System --> My Account on the left-hand navigation panel. To add additional users to your account click the New User icon
at the top left and complete the details. New users will receive an email containing a temporary password and link that they must click to confirm their email address and activate the account.
New users can either be created as Administrators for full access privileges

My Account

To view the details of your own login, go to “System --> My Account” on the left-hand navigation bar to view your Username, User Group (whether you are an administrator, normal user or a trial user). You are also able to update your name information and reset your password as required.

To Change Password:

Select option from the drop-down of password change, the Only option is Permanent. This option will change the password permanently. Enter the new password and Save.
To Change Firstname, Lastname and Profile picture:
Firstname: (Mandatory) Enter a valid first name of the user in the text-box.
Lastname: (Mandatory) Enter a valid last name of the user in the text-box.
Profile Picture: (Optional) The Profile picture can be a maximum of 240x240 in width and height or a maximum of 100 Kb. More than these values pictures can’t be uploaded. User can browse from local system to Upload.
After making any changes click the Save icon and click “OK” to confirm or “Cancel” to leave the page without making changes.