Playing back content that you have encoded on the V-Nova platform is very straightforward as the platform is fully integrated with the V-Nova demo applications which are available from all of the major app stores. Simply sign into the V-Nova demo application using your V-Nova Platform credentials and all of your content will be listed for playback directly within the app.

Search "V-Nova" on the relevant store or follow the links below:

Download here from the Apple AppStore

Download here from the Google PlayStore

Download here from the Microsoft Store

A website player is also available here.

Integrating playback in your applications

LCEVC-enhanced decoding is deployable in software at a variety of levels in your software stack. After testing encoding and playback from the V-Nova Platform and associated demo apps, should you wish to proceed with testing integration within your own players please review the documentation sections on our Reference Integrations and Decoder Integration Layer and contact us for more details.

A range of other decoding implementations are also available including AOSP and MFT. Contact us to find out more.

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