Perform the Encode and View Content

Performing the Encode

After all values have been set to perform the encode:

Uploading a Source

If uploading a file, the page will return to the input tab and upload status will be shown. Once complete, the page will revert to VOD dashboard as the job enters the queue for encoding.

Encode Status

A user can wait and revert, or monitor the status from the General tab within the Job ID.

Once encoding is complete, then the Job ID, Job Names, Content ID, Manifest URL, Duration, , Catalogue Status, Status and Source are displayed on the Job List, accessed via Encode Jobs --> VOD page.

Encode Status specifies whether or not the encode was successful and gives other information during the encoding process to indicate what stage the encode is at.

  • If the encode was successful, then the Status displays Encode Successful.

  • If the encode was not successful, then the Status displays Error Warning.

The encode log displays information about the encode. To display the encode log:

  • Go to Encode Jobs --> VOD --> Logs tab.

Delete Content

To delete a content item:

  1. Go to Encode Jobs --> VOD.

  2. Check the checkbox to the left of the Job ID for the content item that is to be deleted.

Viewing My Content

Once an encode has successfully been completed, the content can be viewed by logging into the V-Nova application available from the relevant app stores (Android/iOS/Windows) or on web by visiting

If you wish to enable LCEVC-enhanced playback in any of your own applications contact V-Nova to discuss.

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