Creating Encoding Templates

This page describes functionalities of presets that can be used in encoding VOD jobs and Live Channels.

VOD and Live Templates

Whilst the encoding parameters are largely the same for VOD and Live encoding, a template created can be used for either job type.

Template Creation

Template are made up of one or more profiles associated with a specific encoding type and the individual encoding parameters for each. The V-Nova platform also includes a selection of default presets which can be used to get started. For advice on optimising ABR ladders when applying LCEVC enhancement to your workflows please contact us.

To add a Template:

The Template page include the following tabs, all of which contain configuration parameters:

  • General

  • Profiles

  • Base encoder


  • Extra (If enabled)

The settings in each of the tabs are described in the following sections.

General tab

Title (Mandatory): Enter a title for the Template.

  • Template Access (Account level only):

    • Individual: Template is only available to the user creating the template

    • For Account: Template is available to all users in the account

Note for Trial Users: Presets created by a Trial User can only be used by the Trial User who created it.

Setting up your Template

Once you have specified the title and access settings for your template, the remaining settings are exactly the same as creating a job manually.

See Create a VOD Encoding Job and Set up a Live Channel for more details.

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