VOD Job List

Displaying the Jobs List

To display the list of the jobs:

  • On the left-hand navigation bar click the Encode Jobs item and then click on VOD. The Job List is displayed.

The following information is displayed for each job:

  • Job ID: Click the "v" icon to sort the Job IDs in ascending or descending order.

  • Job Names: User-speciified Job Name.

  • Manifest URL: Auto-assigned HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) or MPEG DASH Manifest URL that enables the stream to be played in any compatible player. To copy the URL:

    • Highlight the text and right click copy.

      • To exit the URL information display, click OK.

  • Duration: Source content duration.

  • Catalogue Status: Enabled/Disabled.

  • Status: Encode status: Encode Successful/Encode Unsuccessful.

Filtering the Jobs List

About Job filtering

Assets can be searched and filtered, using the filtering tools:

Searching for a Job

To search for a Job:

  • Enter a full or partial name of job in the Job Name field. Any results are displayed.

Setting and performing a Jobs List filter

To set a filter:

The following fields can be specified as filters:

  • Job Name: Name of VOD asset.

  • Job ID: Job ID of the VOD asset.

  • Type of Packaging:

    • Byterange: Defined by a range of bytes

    • TS Chunks: Transport Stream Chunks

    • Webm: Media file

  • Content ID: Content ID of the VOD asset.

  • Date of Creation: Date of the creation of the VOD asset.

To perform a filter operation:

Job List Overview

The following job operations can also be performed from the VOD Job List:

To start a new VOD Job, by duplicating the settings of an existing VOD job:

  • In the Job List, check the checkbox to the left of the Job ID of the job that matches the specifications of the new job that is to be created.

  • Open the copied job and edit the settings as required as per Creating a VOD (Video on Demand) Job.

  • Click the Encode icon. The new VOD Job encodes with the Encode status displayed in the Status column.

View completed VOD Job Details

To view the details of a VOD Job:

  • In the Job List, click the Job ID of the VOD Job. The following is displayed:

The following fields are displayed:

  • Title (Mandatory): The Title of the VOD Job. This field can be edited.

  • Packaging: Packaging, as set in the encode. Not editable.

  • Show on apps: Enable - show on V-Nova applications with same login, i.e webplayer.

  • Content ID: Assigned when the encode is performed. Not editable.

Edit Title

To edit the Title:

  1. In the Title field, enter the new Title.

To delete a job:

  • When the confirmation popup appears: Click Cancel to cancel the operation, or OK to perform the operation. If OK has been selected, then the VOD Job is deleted from the Jobs List.

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