LCEVC Decoder IP Core Deliverables

The V-Nova LCEVC Decoder IP package contains the following and can be made available on V-Nova's Download Portal upon request:

  • RTL source code

    • Verilog & System-Verilog code base​

  • Example C control software

    • Host driver code fully integrated with FFmpeg​

  • Bit accurate executable software reference model

    • MPEG-5 LCEVC software decoder reference model (with built-in RTL vector generation hooks)​

  • Documentation​

    • Block and system level specification and architectural descriptions​

  • Simulation test benches

    • System Verilog behavioural test benches for RTL and gate-level verification​

  • Integration support

    • Basic conformance stream set

    • Design and development support by V-Nova Integration Services team

    • Compliance and performance test suite​ (available from V-Nova partners)

    • On-going technical support​ (optional)

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